Monday, December 13, 2010

OMG! Jazz Jazba Logo is Copied!

Some of you might have noticed, and in case you didn't... Jazz Jazba logo is copied!

Yes, that's true. You read that right!

Apparently whoever designed the logo for them had a bit of 'inspiration'.
Yes, that's the Jazba! ;)

There are views that it's not a copy but only the topography is same. However, before launching a brand identity, shouldn't the company be looking at possible plagiarism? We would like to believe that it's not a copy of Zagora's logo, but that's just wishful thinking!

Copied or not, the logo certainly did remind people of another logo they had seen quite earlier, therefore not creating the impact Jazz company was perhaps going for. Who wants their brand logo to be called copied?!!!

Word of advice guys - next time search before you market! Or better yet, create your own unique brand instead of having logos created for every package :)

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Omar Tariq Jutt said...

LMAO! I Didn't know that :D