Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fascinating Masterpieces

Inspired by my friend Charlie's Most Dramatic Movie Posters on the GraphicDesignBlog, I decided to put down my own list of movies... but with a little difference. My movie list is concerned with the strangely out of this world movies.

Strange, enchanting and inspiring... this is what these movies are. Thrilled, exhilarated and baffled... is what these movies make us feel when they take us on an intense yet spellbound journey into the unknown realms. Movie makers do surprise us sometimes with masterpieces that are not just gripping but also fascinating... no matter how many times you watch them.

Seeing is truly Believing!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you Voodoo? - The Political Toy Fad

The latest fad in the toy world seems to be the interesting voodoo dolls of the various political figures (as if toilet papers, nut crackers and bauble heads weren't enough!). Whether you see these dolls as a must-have accessory, take them as collectibles, send them as gifts, burn them as effigies or consider them just another way of cursing the enemy from afar – these dolls seem to be creating quite a hype the world over ;)

The dolls come with a proper voodoo kit (pins and all) and range from political figures like Obama to Hillary Clinton to George Bush and now even to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Standing anywhere between 8 to 12 inches, these are available online under 20$.

Of course these dolls seem to have been on the scene for a year or two now but the hype is being fanned more so (unintentionally) by the French President, who is apparently considering legal action against the producers of the ‘Nicolas Sarkozy’ doll and asking the product to be pulled out of market immediately.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Google Upgrade - The Big Bundle of Joy!

Major updates are coming up on Google Analytics in the coming weeks. An official announcement was made at the Google Analytics Blog recently, announcing the upcoming updates of the user interface. The "Big bundle of joy" for Google Analytics users is the long list of updates featuring some of the most long-requested and welcomed characteristics.

And here's making the long list short...

Custom Reporting: Create your own reports and graphs by setting your own variables.
Advance Segmentation: Allowing you to create a segment for the traffic by breaking it down in various areas and in several ways... from a specific location to websites to people who visit regularly.
Motion Charts: Advance visual feature with graphical representation that you can watch change over time.
Integration with AdSense: Now you will be able to integrate not just AdWords but AdSense too and find out which pages are generating more revenue, the content that doing well on your site along with geographically broken down reports.
API Beta: This has been released to help the developers in extending the usefulness of Google Analytics.

The new features are being considered timely by many, keeping in view the economic rundown and Google is hoping to "go with what works... and invest... to increase their conversions". Still some users remain skeptical of the updates, considering them to be one of Google's "tricks" damping the spirit of Halloween this year. Let's see who gets the run for what! ;)