Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perk Up Your Boring Routine and Do Things Your Way!

There must have been times in your life as a freelancer when you get by the day by writing dozens of dull articles on a dozen of dull topics, requiring absolutely no imagination at all. These times aren't rare. For freelancers they tend to appear far too often than needed at times.

Fret not! We all are prone to these days and will go through some sadistically boring routine one time or another. The main reason for why we just 'get by' is mostly so that we can get through the day or the month so as to get paid and pay our ever increasing bills or perhaps so that some of us can maybe indulge in one of the frequently needed shopping spree.

But ending up with a monotonous routine is no way to freelance! If you have done that one too many times then you are truly killing the essence of freelancing itself.,, which is 'freedom'... hence 'free-lancing' ;)

What you need to do is follow a simple process. Something that I like to call the CPP strategy. Here's how you can turn your absolutely monotonous routine into a much more cheerful one:

Customize - The best part about freelancing is that you don't work in an office, so there is no need to give yourself a reason to get bored. It's your workplace... CUSTOMIZE it! Add a little color, get some funky decorations, install your favorite surround system or play station or invest some money in getting yourself high-quality workplace supplies. Anything to get the party started... or rather keeping your mind from getting dull.

Personalize - Figure out when you want to work with what. You are your own boss so make a schedule that works for you. If you can't stand to do one work at a certain time then assign another time for it and do what you can handle at that time. The key is to PERSONALIZE your schedule according to your needs and not to let the work boss you around.

Prioritize - Since you have the freedom to choose what you do, then why not utilize it! Set your standards and remain firm. Only take the work that you know you can do and not just everything that comes your way. Figure out which work is more important and needs to get done and which can wait. PRIORITIZE your work and you will find yourself doing work that you love!

With these 3 simple steps your freelancing work will not only become easier but also loads more fun! Just remember that YOU ARE THE BOSS so do things your way! ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Edhi Animal Shelter - Karachi

Situated near Toll Plaza in Karachi, just off the superhighway, the Edhi Animal Shelter is a one of its kind shelter in Pakistan. Although it's very basic and stark, the shelter is providing injured and abandoned animals protection and a safe abode from the harsh city life. Animals don't deserve to be abandoned by their owners or treated cruelly, they deserve a sanctuary where they can thrive and be taken care of in time of need. Government and society must now come together in order to help make this shelter a better place for the animals by offering as much assistance as they can, whether it comes in form of a donation or active volunteer help.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The True Bliss of Freelancing!

It's December, it's cold, it's windy... and there's rain!

Aah! The blissful rain and it's accompanying chill. All you want to do is stay in bed, get cozy, get under your blankets and eat lots and lots of roasted peanuts. But wait... you have to work... there is a deadline you have to meet... you promised your client that you'd send in work today. Eeeeek! Welcome to the dull 9 to 5 routine some of us have. Sigh! Sad really :( Now you can't enjoy the weather and work at the same time if you're in office, can you?.... Unless you're a Freelancer! ;)

Yes, there's the catch! One of the best part about being a freelancer is this whole scenario. I'm at home, I get up when I want, stay in bed as long as I like.... ah yes, work... I can get that done too. And the best part is I get to work while enjoying the weather. Sitting out in the patio, listening to the sound of the steady rain, watching it fall from the green trees, feeling the chilled breeze, eating dry fruits, typing happily on my laptop and feeling extremely content while my cat dozes off in my lap. Aah! The true bliss of being a freelancer!

Let it rain I say! Let it rain!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Freelancing - The Freedom to Choose!

Why freelance? Because you get to choose what you do. Why choose? Because you have the freedom. Freedom to do what? Freedom to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

That is what freelancing is all about and what freelancing can give you. You not only get a free rein but also the freedom to express yourself. The great 'freelancing' appeal to many is the freedom of lifestyle and the very choice that is laid before you. But being your own boss isn't all that easy...

While with freelancing you make your own rules and play your own game, a traditional employee ends up under limits and possibly with not much freedom. Freedom is one of the basic reason that lures many into the realms of freelancing. Unbound and unrestricted - It's the place where your creative processes can work at their best and you are able to find your true style. We all seek this path... where we can combine our creative senses and the overpowering need to become our own boss. We desire this essence, we crave this till our entire being screams for us to reach out and grasp the freedom... never letting it go!

Fortunately (or rather unfortunately for some of us) freelancing is not everyone's cup of tea. As freelancing is bound to get overwhelming with time and projects, only those with a true flair and talent for writing actually end up doing this for a lifetime and find a real career in this. The rest of the talentless hopefuls end up... either away from the freelancing world or not doing too well in it.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Naming your Price - When to Ask for More!

As an experienced freelancer it is important to know your worth. Whether the services you offer are content writing, graphic designing or anything else, if you know that your work has got quality, then asking for a higher price is your right.

There may come clients who own start-up or small businesses, people on tight budgets, who don't want to burn a hole in their pockets. Such clients are looking for discount prices and providing a reasonable quote will ensure that they know what to expect.

Recognize You Worth
: The first thing you need to do is to recognize whether you really need that project or not. Since ignoring is terrible for your business, you need to play your cards right. In fact if you want a client, you need to offer some discount or a work or two at a low cost.

Offer Discounts:
To avoid pitfalls and shortcomings it's always good to offer a discount. This will help your client to come back for more. Although sometimes after getting your services for a cheaper cost the client might make an issue over slightly expensive cost. The best way to go about it is to provide them with a proper quote (no matter how expensive) and offer them a much smaller portion of work along with it at a cheaper price. This way the client will feel like they are getting a discount and they might as well agree to your over all price!

Be Reasonable:
Another important thing to remember is that when creating a quote for your client, make sure you are being reasonable and fair. Research around a bit for what others are asking for the same kind of work and understand your worth. There are chances that you might blow off your client with the amount you ask, however the significant thing to know is that if your work quality is superior than what is being offered out there in the market then you have nothing to worry about.

Stand by Your Standards:
Even if your client runs away after hearing your quote, you should remain happy that you did yourself justice by asking for a price worth your professional standards. Your client might choose someone much cheaper but they will eventually come back to you. Just remember your limits and be firm and specific about how much you offer and at what cost. Your clients might go away for a while but trust me... they will find their way back and might even refer you to their colleagues or buddies.