Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crazed Clients and How to Deal with Them - Freelancing Blues

While freelancing you are bound to come across an assortment of clients. Some of these are going to be nice, some not so and some will be just downright annoying. Here's a look at a few typical ones you might end up working for...

>> The Rush Package: This is the client who wants work done instantly. He wants it now, whether you like it or not. Impatient and restless, this client will have little regard for you or your concerns. He is only worried about his project and you better start working on it right away, delivering it within the next hour or else!

How to Deal: Generally the best way to deal with such a client is to ask for an extra amount of 'rush fee' which you can take in advance (or however it suits you). Unless you are getting a week on the project or a good amount of time asking for an extra fee is a better idea. You have to show the client that while his work is priority, you will also be cutting time on various other project of yours to get his done, so it's only fair to ask for that rush fee. Also this kind of helps calm the client down and who knows, you just might get a few breathing hours or days on the project.

>> The Perfectionists: This client wants top-notch work, the best ever work quality and everything utterly perfect. They will perhaps even make you re-check, double check and triple check your work before they are perfectly sure that you have done a nice job. Of course you are not getting paid for all the extra time you will be spending beating yourself up on their projects, and why should you... as they would say "It's your job!".

How to Deal: Make sure that you set your terms and conditions before taking up any project. Let the client know how you work, what you would and would not do as well. It's always better the play your cards right with this one and make a game plan before you start the project.

>> The Want it All: This guys would want it all. Apart from the work you are assigned he'd want you to take a look at this or a peek at that or do something about this and edit a bit of that. Mind you, he isn't going to pay you for all that extra work because well, he's short on budget. Of course he wouldn't mind getting 10 times as much work out of you for the cost of one.

How to Deal: Proceed with caution with this one. If you feel at any time that he is asking for more work just send him a quote. Simply make a list of services you offer and your price for it and send it to him in reply to his asking for more work. You need to put your foot down somewhere, you are not running a charity but of course if the work you are doing is for a good cause you might want to reconsider all of the above.

>> The Unsure: Normally clients don't know much about the working of what they hire you to do. Some might have a know-how but most are just counting you to offer advice and do a good job. They depend on you to make the right choices and establish a good ground for their project. However these guys are unpredictable and you need to be careful when dealing with them.

How to Deal: Since this guy can be extremely fussy you need to make him understand your boundaries and make sure he doesn't end up asking for a lot of revisions. Because chances are that he might. Be very sure about the things that you are doing and stand your ground as an expert at what you do best so that the client can feel relaxed too. If he isn't .... well tough luck!

>> The Laid-back: This client wants work, that's for sure, but he'll probably be too lazy to send in details on time. He'll message you about the new project he has, or something urgent that he wants and disappear when you ask for details or will not reply back when you ask him something in the middle of the project.

How to Deal: Best way to deal with this guy is to send him an email asking him what you need to know and make sure that you tell him that you cannot proceed until he replies. Or become as laid back as that client. Chances are that he'll be understanding enough or lazy enough to care ;)

So there you have it... crazy clients of this crazy freelancing world (where people expect you to work more for a meager pay). You're welcome to add to this list :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

5 (more) Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Here are 5 more things to add to your list of 'What to do when you have Nothing to do':

1. Enjoy the Weather: Take a chill pill and enjoy the weather! Go out and play around on a raining day, hang out with friends on a sunny day, enjoy a cold day by snuggling up by the fire or eat a bucket full of ice cream on a really hot day. Whatever the weather, learn to live your life to the fullest!

2. Renovate: Get your creative juices flowing and make plans for renovating your space, be it your office, bedroom or the whole place. Think of a few ideas, search some online, look in a couple of magazines, watch interior design shows or take the help of family and friends... just get up and get busy. Renovating will help you get creative as you play around with colors and patterns.

3. Build Something: Whether its making a city with Lego or making pottery or simply carving out something on a piece of wood, make something that is fun and interesting.

4. Get a Makeover: Bored out of your wits? Get a new haircut, try out that new top you saw in the shop the other day, go buy some hot new shoes or better yet get a complete new makeover. And why not? If you are bored with the usual you, you'd be surprised how much different and lighter a brand new makeover can make you feel. Don't forget to take some good friends along!

5. Try Extreme Sports: Be it para gliding, dirt biking or rock climbing, extreme sports is for the young at heart and a whole a lot of fun. You will be surprised at the exhilaration and thrill you would get out of trying something new and adventurous.

Don't let those freelancing blues get you down. So what if you are out of work for a while, just remember that this free time that you have on your hands right now isn't going to last forever, it's just smart to make the best of it today then. Capture the moment and enjoy your free time instead of sulking in the darkness. In short... just get up and do something! ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freelancing Blues: What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do!

And we're back in the game! So much for the entertainment posts... we'll be giving a rest to that for now (of course we'll keep certain updates coming in from time to time). But at the moment let's start off with our freelancing business once again. The interval was slightly too long for my taste ;)

Aha yes, the Freelancing Blues! For which I must say that you are not truly a freelancer yet if you haven't suffered from the blues :)

Every freelancer, whether you are a writer, painter, designer or do anything that can be freelanced, has suffered from the freelancing blues every once in a while. But mostly it's the artistic writers and painters who are known to suffer from these blues more often. From depression to self-obsession and stress, freelancers are prone to suffer from any of these when they have nothing to do. If you are a victim of the 'nothing to do', then you need to know about the 'where from' and 'how to' bring in the light in order to fight the blues. So read on and get inspired...

9 Surefire Ways to Fight the Freelancing Blues:

Take a Vacation: A vacation is a good thing when you have nothing to do. In fact, it's a great thing! Plan a vacation with friends or family. Go on an adventure trip or plan a getaway to a romantic hideout, whatever your interest maybe. A good long vacation will help you relax and help you de-stress.

Get Entertained: Catch up on some funny sitcoms (there are so many good ones out there these days), go out with your friends on a movie date or just rent a movie and enjoy as your blues start to fade away.

Read a Book: If you were ever an avid reader or enjoy reading then now is the time to pick up a good book and start that reading habit. Reading not only takes you into a whole new world but also helps fight away the depression that just might be lurking in the corner.

Socialize and Party: Perhaps your freelancing work kept you too occupied for months and you never got to go out with your friends like the way you wanted. Now that you have nothing to do, it's probably best to spend some quality time with your friends. Plan a get-together or throw a party, whatever you do just enjoy yourself and understand that this free time won't last forever.

Volunteer: Time on your hand must be well spent, lest it is wasted. Join some volunteer program or help the community by joining a community program. No only is this self satisfying but will earn you some blessings as well.

Develop a New Talent: There must be something that you wanted to do? Perhaps you want to learn how to fish or horseback riding? Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to paint or do some creative writing? Or perhaps you wanted to know how to design a website for work purposes? Now is a good time to start! You have time in hand so don't just sit there thinking what to do, join a course and learn a new trick today.

Exercise or Meditate: Meditation helps fight stress and exercise will not just help you stay fit but will also make you feel good about yourself. Take out time for yourself now that you have time on your hand and explore new horizons.

Spend time with your Family: Go out on that shopping trip that you have been long planning with your sister, spend hours talking with your mother, go on a long walk with your father and hang out with your brother. Try making up for all those times that you missed out on your family because of work perhaps. They will appreciate it and so will you. Oh and don't forget your family pet (if you have one), do spend some quality time grooming or playing with it. It's all for the best.

Catch up on that Lost Sleep: It's not like you lose a lot of sleep if you only freelance but sometimes working on crazy schedules and meeting deadlines can lose you a bit of that sleep you so desire. Now would be a good time to catch up on that lost sleep. Doze off to slumber land and sleep long hours but don't overdo it lest it turns into something as dangerous as hypersomnia. Just remember not to leave out on all the important things in life while you're at it!

Which reminds me... I'll go catch up on that well-deserved sleep as well. Just a good eight hours and then I'm ready to think of some more creative ways of spending these work-less days ;)
Until next time... keep fighting those unnecessary freelancing blues!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Taylor 'Grows' for Jacob Black - New Moon Highlights

While the casting of Taylor Lautner for the role of Jacob Black in the movie Twilight remained disputed, film makers considered dropping Taylor for 'New Moon'. The main reason being that, like the audience, they were unsure of his appearance and transformation for the sequel. Those of you who have read the books already know that Jacob is a gangly 17 year old who looks older for his age and Taylor didn't seem like he would be growing a lot any time soon. And while the film makers found someone to replace him, Taylor had some surprises for them up his sleeves. Turns out that Taylor Lautner, in apprehension of the sequel, had started working out as soon as the shooting for Twilight ended. News is that he has gained almost 26 pounds. On the bright side, at least he can act better than Robert Pattinson (Edward). Who knows... he just might even look better in the next movie. *Fingers crossed*

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Robert Pattinson killed Edward Cullen in Twilight

Over 3,000 people voted for Robert Pattinson to play the role of Edward for the movie Twilight. And while they all were perhaps mesmerized by his acting skills in various other movies, I'm sure that most of them were very disappointed by his Twilight role.

Although earlier Pattinson announced that he was not looking forward to the next installment of the Twilight franchise, his excuse for his bad acting was *contact lenses*. Duh! You can do better than that dude! Did he not know that his acting just stink all over the movie?

So Pattinson went out to blame the orange contact lenses for his pathetic acting skills in Twilight. He literally killed, if not murdered, Edwards characters single handedly. Word of advice... he should really take some acting lessons. Leave alone the close-up shots in the movie. He just couldn't act. Period. Maybe he should go watch movies like Underworld and Van Helsing. Would give him the jest of what vampires are suppose to be like. Sure vampires are all white and dead but they are mysterious too. Of course vampires have weird eye colors and talk in undertones but they give expressions that match their words perfectly. Unlike Edward, who delivered his lines as if he had memorized them. And no expressions :(

You have to do better next time! Otherwise... the movie will stink more. Not that it stinks any less now :p

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Movie Wallpapers - from Twilight to New Moon

Search for a Twilight wallpaper online and you'll find over thousands of them. From Twilight to New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, fans and graphic professionals have created some of the most dazzling wallpapers. These are created mostly around the titles of the books, on the characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen as well as on the various other characters from the story, both vampires and werewolves. So, if you're a Stephenie Meyer book fan or have enjoyed the movie Twilight, here are some of the most interesting wallpapers for you...

The posters even cover the ever so crazy werewolf family (up, close and personal) and the mysterious vampires (good looking and blood thirsty).

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