Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Caffeine + Instant = Google Me. Duh!

Like Google Caffeine and Google Instant, Google Me is likely to lead webmasters and website owners into a SEO frenzy. Sure, Google is doing all this to provide us with 'authentic' results but why can't they make an update and then let us be for a while longer than just a few months? I wonder!

Google Me is working in collaboration with Facebook and will be providing a 'social layer' in the search results that will top all other results, including basic search, videos and Maps. Read more>>

Google Instant searches are based on assumptions. Even before you finish writing your longtail query it will start giving search results and your target audience is likely to go for a more general term that comes up first and seems nearest to the query. Read more>>

Google Caffeine added quality to the search results. Good thing about this is that now the webpages get indexed faster, producing results in real-time. So now instead of the search engine taking months to index sites it will do it within seconds. The focus is now more on social media sites like Twitter etc.

One question though, if all of this is based on providing real time results then why launch 3 different things and not provide all on one deal?

Seriously, the people at Google who came up with these names (Caffeine, Instant) sound seriously addicted to coffee and maybe it went up to their heads, rendering them incapable of thinking straight and launching so many updates like this :s

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